• Mystery Card Night

    Mystery Card Fun Folds with Forever Forest

    Mystery Card Fun Folds Did you know that I hold a Mystery Card Night every month?? How about that Mystery Card Fun Folds is what it is all about?? Not only do I love fun folds but don’t you too?? Some are pretty difficult. However, some can be pretty easy. Wanna see the one that we did a few weeks ago?? I know you do!! Now taking a look at this you would say that it doesn’t look too tough, right?? Well, know that I walk you through step by step. Really, we make the card together. You can stop me ANYTIME during the live. Ohh and that the lives…

  • Technique,  YouTube video

    Something to Crow about Hey Chuck bundle

    Something to Crow about Ohh, these chickens… Something to Crow about has a skateboarding Rooster. Guys as a chicken mom, I know that this could be possible. Did you know that chickens like swings?? Yup, seriously. I advised Joe that in the new run we need to have at least one. There are videos… you can check. And while you are on YouTube be sure to subscribe to my channel, please. This video is one that you will FIND there!! Along with loads of those fun cards and projects. You will see how I used the Basic Borders dies to create the sky background. Plus, you know there are always…

  • Stamp Camp/class

    Hello There Red White and Blue card idea

    Hello There Red White This one is a favorite of mine… You know that I love all the ribbons, and layers. Any guess how I was able to add the color to the flower centers?? For todays Hello There Red White AND Blue cardI used the Darling Details bundle. I did not realize how much I would love this bundle. OHHHH MY!! I really love the frames that are in the dies set. Sooo, what was the first thing that you saw?? Hummm, I seem to remember forgetting to place my frame prior to stamping the front sentiment. Just a reminder so that you do not make the same mistake…

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    September Mystery Card Night, still time!!

    September Mystery Card Night Have you joined in the September Mystery Card Night fun??? Ohhh you still have time. Not only to get the cuts but also to get in on the theme fun!! Yes, you can do what you want but why not play along so that you can possibly win a participation prize!! Did you hear that I go live on both facebook and youtube?? I sure do!! The cut are also available in both places. They are pinned to Featured in the Mystery Card Night and Games group on facebook. And they are in the Community tab on my YouTube channel. Are you Brave Enough?? Hugs and…

  • Stamp Camp/class

    Ghouls Gobbles and Garland Event Fall 2023

    Ghouls Gobbles and Garland Event Are you ready for some fun?? I know that I am!! Join me for the Fall retreat, Ghouls Gobbles and Garland event. This is the second year for this one and I know that it will be as fun. I have been working on the cards and projects. They are almost done. You will be getting a ‘goodie bag’ full of over $50 worth of fun!! There is DSP, Ribbon, Twine and Embellishments. Plus, some super fun project parts!! Do not forget about the food. Yes, there will be Cranberry Chicken Salad and cupcakes too. How do you get added to the list?? Hit the…

  • Mystery Card Night

    Red White and Blue Fun Fold Mystery Card

    Red White and Blue Fun We have soo much fun during Mystery Card Night. The theme was pretty obvious I think. Hahaha. Have you seen all the fun with the Share a Milkshake bundle?? I paired this with Gingham DSP. I really love this blueberry and berry stack of ice cream. And lets be honest these could be any flavors. I was super excited when a customer asked me to show her how to make this amazing fold. Plus a huge shout out to a fellow demonstrator Bronwyn from Australia for the amazing challenge. W anna see how we made it?? How about getting all the measurement? Yes, they are…

  • YouTube video

    Biggest Wish and Bright and Beautiful card

    Biggest Wish and Bright and Beautiful I have a super fun and very cheerful Biggest Wish and Bright and Beautiful fun fold for you today. Humm, does that circle look off center?? Well, yes it does and it was intended to be that way. Have you tried doing a gate fold in this direction?? Now, I know that it does not stand up. However, it was too fun to create not to share. Here is where the fun began. The Bright and Beautiful DSP has soo many fun colors and patterns. I am thinking of using this for a Ding Dong Ditch, thoughts?? I chose to start with the colors.…

  • Mystery Card Night

    July Mystery Card Night in Red White Blue

    July Mystery Card Night See I told you there was a TON of stuff going on!! The July Mystery Card Night went off without a hitch. Do NOT worry, you still have time to get in on the FUN!! You can even catch the live over on my YouTube channel. I am broadcasting it in both places now!! What is Mystery Card Night?? Well you get measurements for card parts and we meet on the second Friday of each month to make make that card. I post the measurement on facebook and youtube now. Need help finding me on youtube?? Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • Mystery Card Night

    April 2023 Mystery Card Night is almost here!!

    April 2023 Mystery Card Night Curious?? We have soo much fun. This monthly event is all about using the goodies that you have!! No fees, no extra supplies that you have to purchase. We learn a new fun fold. However, you will not want to miss some of the shenanigans. The fun begins Wednesday night!! Each month there is a theme. Which I strategically share with clues. There are games and soo much more. Have you joined us on facebook?? Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! Exploring the new 2023-2025 In-Colors, This one is going to be GOOD!!

  • Mystery Card Night

    March 2021 Mystery Card Night join the fun!

    March 2023 Mystery Card Night I know not everyone is on facebook, however, this might be a good reason to be!! The March 2023 Mystery Card Night is going to be a REALLY GOOD one!! We are only doing one card. This one has loads of pieces. I know that you are going to LOVE it! Join the fun in the Mystery Card Night and Games group. I would love for you to learn a new fold AND meet some new friends. Although there is plenty other reasons, shenanigans of course. All sorts of laughs and maybe even a snack. Well you provide that. As always I provide… Plenty of…

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    Mystery Card Night Tonight, you have time yet.

    Mystery Card Night Tonight Di you know that you still have time to get in on the final prize for this FREE event?? Mystery Card Night Tonight, well it was anyway. Catch the replay enjoy a fun fold and alternative colored Valentine idea. Plus when you add your completed project photo to the “Let’s see whatcha did” post . You could win a prize!! Seriously, a good one too. It could be a stamp set. Could be a Wink of Stella. However, it will not be an embellishment. Those are saved for participation prizes. Typically those are retired items. Does it matter though?? I know bling is always a great…

  • Craft Room

    Happy New Year 2023 is going to be AMAZING!!

    Happy New Year 2023 Hello and Happy New Year 2023 is going to be AMAZING!! Why?? Because I have fun, shenanigans and laughs planned for you. I look forward to spending time either online or in person with you. Hopefully both!! Starting with Mystery Card Night on Sunday night. However, I understand that holidays are for family. That always is the most important thing. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • Hamscher Homestead

    A White and Cold Christmas baking and kitties.

    A White and Cold Christmas baking Here is where we are going to start this week. A White and Cold Christmas baking and sooo much more!! Starting with the “Blizzard” that did not happen. Okay, it was cold and windy. However when I think blizzard I think a TON of snow. Yeah that did not happen. Although we did get enough that I did not have to see brown for Christmas. WoooHOOOO!! You guys are familiar with Junior, as the outdoor cat. Well, I want to welcome Junior as the house cat. Yes, Mr Bigglesworth is taking very good care of him as you can see here. Sharing his toys,…

  • 3D Thursday,  Boxes, Tags and Bags

    Sherri Yeti Hot Chocolate box – 3D Thursday

    Sherri Yeti Hot Chocolate Need a last minute idea for a gift?? Well let me tell you that Sherri Yeti Hot Chocolate box is PERFECT!! You will want to check out the FREE tutorial over on Sherri’s Blog or on the 3D Thursday page on facebook. Ready to see?? I bet!! See what I mean?? I am getting Yeti to party for sure!! The stamp set is Yeti to Party and there are soo many super cute stamps included. Including ‘Is it Christmas Yeti’ and even a hot chocolate cup. Perfect for this project. Might I add that the Yeti dies are still available and at a HUGE discount. Do…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    More Christmas on the Homestead outside too.

    More Christmas on the Homestead outside Here we are one week before Christmas and all through the house all is lite and festive. ow about a bit More Christmas on the Homestead outside too. Last of the light went up this last week. Yes, even the Chicken Coop is now festive. It did not get done with the others because I need to get the electrician to fix my lights. Somehow the plug part was missing. Gee, I wonder why?? haha. So I know the lights are mostly around the pen area, but to me that counts. Here is what I have been waiting to do. Joe and I were…

  • beginner-casual-avid,  YouTube video

    Gingham Cottage Christmas Cards, Power of 3

    Gingham Cottage Christmas Cards You guys know that I like to share my methods for stepping up cards. A few weeks ago on YouTube, I did these cards. The Gingham Cottage Christmas Cards were a smash!! I kept to traditional Garden Green and Real Red for these cards. We started with the DSP a punch, Handmade Tag and the Framed and Festive stamp set. The punch is a hold over item. However, that stamp set is while supplies last. Have you not seen it enough yet?? I LOVE this stamp set, the font and the sentiments themselves. Anyway… Next I had some scraps of The Christmas Pinecone dies, they were…

  • 3D Thursday

    Darlas 3D Thursday Candle for the season.

    Darlas 3D Thursday Candle This week we have a fun idea. Here is Darlas 3D Thursday Candle perfect for the Christmas Season. I am loving this idea. I had to look at all of it. Super Curious how she did this. You will be too. See what I mean… I sure hope that you check this one out. Be sure to head on over to Darla’s blog and leave some love. I am not going to give it all away, but you can check out a peak at some of how she did it with this next photo. I kinda figured that there was a bit of fussy cutting on…

  • Paper Share

    Jan to April Paper Share all the information

    Jan to April Paper Share Did you sign up to get your catalog yet?? Be sure to fill this out!! Today, is not only a reminder to fill out this form, it is also about the upcoming Jan to April Paper Share. Here is a few bits that you may want to know… You are getting 12 pieces of each paper pack. With some others you only get six. Then Not only do you get more, you also get each pack labeled including name and colors. Lastly you also get a “box” to pack all of your papers. Here are the names of the papers… That makes nine different DSP’s.…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Christmas Decorations inside the Homestead

    Christmas Decorations inside the Homestead It is getting later, but I still have a few more touches to add to the outside. Today is all about Christmas Decorations inside the Homestead. No not all of them, however, A LOT!!. This first photo was how I ended my day yesterday. The outside was neglected for sure!! Not any more though. Check back next week. I am sure it will be done by then. Here is what you came to see… I am sorry this is not all the decoration, however, several key areas. I usually start with the fireplace, but not this year. After the village was all put up, top…

  • Craft Room

    Winter Reminds Us to be Calm and Breathe

    Winter Reminds Us to be Calm I sit here in my kitchen and look at all the decorations. I was thinking of something that Joe said. After seeing all the orange decorations, for months. He was waiting for the rest of the Christmas. To me I like the calmness of the greens. Yes, the lights are bright. However they are not the same. Then I saw this… Winter Reminds Us to be Calm. Paraphrasing yes, but some quiet and calm is good for the soul and the mind. I think that is why I love walking in the winter. Yes, it is cold. But the quiet of the snow and…

  • Team Meeting

    Inky Whisper Sisters Christmas party fun!

    Inky Whisper Sisters Christmas Ever wonder what happens at a Team Meeting?? Today was the Inky Whisper Sisters Christmas party. We got crafty, broke bread and teamed up for prizes. I do wish that my whole team could have been here, however, life is always crazy this time of year. I am VERY grateful for the Inky Whisper Sisters, my team, my friends, and my fellow stampers. It is because of these smiles that I know I am in the right place. We are all doing what we love, and sharing ideas, supporting each other AND helping each other laugh!! I am ALWAYS grateful when Sharon is in charge of…

  • Fancy Fold,  Mystery Card Night

    October Mystery Card Night 2022, two ideas.

    October Mystery Card Night Have you been able to join us for this yet?? The October Mystery Card Night was soo fun! We made two cards and Laughed of course! I am pretty excited about this set. I can tell you that I usually have an idea of what we are going to make. However, never sure how it is going to turn out. Can you relate?? We always do at least one fun fold. I would say that this could qualify as two?? What do you think?? Tell me in the comments. This top is a side step card. The bottom one is a pocket card. Need a closer…

  • Stampin Up News/Deals

    New Weekly Deals for You, last week!

    New Weekly Deals for You This is the last week. New Weekly Deals for you and there are 14. Going out with a bang, I would say! Wanna hear what they are? Ohhh, I know that you do. Festive Foils Iridescent Trim Abigail Rose Poster Heart Pearls Sweet Sorbet Metallic ribbon Evening Evergreen Windowpane ribbon Sparkle & Shine Sequins Loose Flowers Flourishes Soft Succulent ribbon Polished Pink ribbon Gilded Leafing Pastel Pearls Black Matte Dots Gold Shimmer ribbon Copper Foil Phew, I do not know about you but I have a few things in my list. Let me know, because I can add one or all of these items to…

  • Craft Room

    Girls Night or Mystery Card Night, coming SOON!

    Girls Night or Mystery Card This week is Girls Night or Mystery Card Night is next week. Will you be joining both of these? I hope so! Girls Night is Friday at 6pm central, but also online on July 13. We always make birthday cards. Mystery Card Night is online only and we will go live on Friday July 8 at 7pm. However, the shenanigans start on Wednesday evening with this months theme clues…. Are you Brave enough? We have loads of fun. Learn something new at both events. Questions? Contact me or comment here! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • Hamscher Homestead

    A lot of Dirt on the Homestead this week. Just a peek.

    A lot of Dirt on the Homestead You know how busy I have been … planting, weeding and just getting dirt EVERYWHERE!! haha, This week is all about … A lot of Dirt on the Homestead. I know that it has been a while since you have seen my face here. I miss sharing my smile with you. Although I love seeing your smile more!! Anyway, this week I will be not be sharing too much because, as you know. Dad is a blog reader. He will be heading out for a Homestead visit this week. So.. he will have to wait to see. Which is okay with me. I…

  • Mystery Card Night

    Join in Mystery Card Night, Yes, via my blog!!

    Join in Mystery Card Night How would you like a chance to Join in Mystery Card night?? Yes, I know it is on facebook and not everyone is there. Here is your chance to check it out. Here is the link to the supplies used. I have added all the cuts and scores. You can try it out. Send me an email with your projects. Let’s see whatcha got!! This class is FREE, you use the supplies you have. I talk about how much fun we have but… I get it. I would love to see what you come up with… It really is kinda fun. Hugs and Have a…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Sprouts Buds and Visitors all this week, plus…

    Sprouts Buds and Visitors This week on the homestead… Sprouts Buds and Visitors! I am sure you can guess about the first two. You will have to wait for the last part. I went and did a walk around a couple times with Joe and my friend Kendra. We have found several tulips, later in the week. Daffodils over by the chicken coop. Green on daisy leaves, yarrow leaves and even in the creeping phlox. That was not the only thing that I found promising! Looking out at the fruit trees. Soo many buds. We have the potential for lots of fruit. Fingers crossed that the bees and all the…

  • Fancy Fold,  Technique,  YouTube video

    Watercolor Rainbow for YouTube technique idea.

    Watercolor Rainbow for YouTube Check out how I did this Watercolor Rainbow for YouTube! Ohh, but wait this is a fun fold card too!! This was intended as a St. Patrick’s Day card, however… this technique is also good from a spring rainbow. Yes, you can use any color you wish… BUT you will need a few supplies which is listed over on my YouTube description. Have you subscribed yet?? Well, why not?? There is no fee, you get new content each week. AND bonus my FB lives from Saturdays get put there too. Here you get a peek at how the fold works. Lots of layers, Layering Circles for…

  • Paper Pumpkin

    Paper Pumpkin without the critters, Artfully Composed.

    Paper Pumpkin without the critters How about a few alternative Paper Pumpkin without the critters. I have heard that not everyone is a fan of the antelope, elephant and/or ape in this kit. How I am not sure, but send them to me!! I do really think there are so many possibilities with or without them. Today’s post is obviously with out. Now just to clarify, I am not talking about the peek that is at the top of this page…. I am talking about the Safari Celebration kit. The first idea that I have is adding in a Soft Suede label (from Tasteful Labels). All of the rest in…