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    Attending Backstage Leader event today.

    Attending Backstage Leader Event. I am so lucky to have you and the Inky Whisper Sisters, because I am attending Backstage Leader Event. This year is virtual, and I look forward to, fingers crossed, in person next year. That box behind me was full of goodies, I can not wait to share what all was sent from Stampin’ Up! for me to use not only in my business, but everyday. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Michigan weekend trip overview

    On Friday I hit the road to head up to Michigan for training. Leaving an hour earlier then originally planned due to possible weather issues. Keeping in mind no pit stops except maybe one. After going from white out to clear back to white out…. what should have taken 45 minutes took almost two hours. Got stuck behind two accidents. right in front of me a person panicked and went straight into a telephone pole. The truck went sliding a couple times before getting off the expressway. Yes, the truck pulled through without a scratch, thankfully. Only 30 minutes late, but in one piece and ready for an adult beverage.…