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    3D Thursday with Me, Lucky Hat of Gold. Treats

    3D Thursday with Me Are you in need of this weeks 3D Thursday with Me?? You know when something sparks a memory?? This is kinda like that. I remember my mom making each of the holidays so fun. From Valentine’s Day all the way down to Christmas. Thank you mom for giving me all those memories!! So this project is a “nod” to my Mom. Mom this little treat hat is just want you would have given us when we were kids. If you had papercrafting that is. This little, but not so little, treat holder will fit 6 mini Reese’s peanut butter cups. I know that if I had…

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    March Madness have you heard what is going on?

    March Madness have you heard? This month is all about March Madness, have you heard? All the details will be shared tomorrow. Okay, maybe not all, but LOTS. I like a few surprises! Let me just say that from tomorrow through to the end of the month we are going to have FUN. Lots of Shenanigans too! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! You have until 11 on the 10th of March to sign up, come and enjoy the Paper Pumpkin adventures!

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    Creative Convention with these two and more!

    Creative Convention with these two. Ohhh yes, Creative Convention with these two, beautiful amazing ladies. So much fun, ideas and you guessed it … Shenanigans! We are sure having fun… Stamping, Laughing, AND redesigning all of our cards. Hahaha. We really are learning things too. I really am excited to share the projects and upcoming ideas! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! Here is an AMAZING way to get started with your Christmas cards.

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    Just simple shenanigans… well LOTS!

    I know, I am not the only one missing out on bakery treats. WELL good bakery treats. What would you say?? I think… I NAILED IT!! These are blueberry lemon donuts. Just enough in the recipe to make 6.. perfect!! Needless to say they were GONE by the next morning. yummmm! Right now there are 7 little eggs hoping and dreaming about being BIG someday VERY soon! On Day 10 which is this coming Sunday, I will be “candling” the eggs. Any guesses on how many will have baby chicks?? Em and Ad (my nieces) have been after me to have some baby chickens. It has been a year since…