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    Amazing options Join Special breakdown.

    Amazing options Join Special I wanted to be sure to pass on this Amazing options Join Special to EVERYONE!! I did a breakdown video earlier this week. I have heard that it has helped a few folks understand how this works. Join Special break down…. ◦ 35% off – Usually the join is $99 and you get $125 of product. With the 35% off you pay $64.35 ◦ 35% more – Usually the join product amount is $125. With the 35% more you get $168.75 worth of product. Join Special…◦ Pros – ◦ Cons – Quarterly Minimum ($300). However your first quarter does not end until March. I do hope…

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    Mystery Card Fun Folds with Forever Forest

    Mystery Card Fun Folds Did you know that I hold a Mystery Card Night every month?? How about that Mystery Card Fun Folds is what it is all about?? Not only do I love fun folds but don’t you too?? Some are pretty difficult. However, some can be pretty easy. Wanna see the one that we did a few weeks ago?? I know you do!! Now taking a look at this you would say that it doesn’t look too tough, right?? Well, know that I walk you through step by step. Really, we make the card together. You can stop me ANYTIME during the live. Ohh and that the lives…

  • Mystery Card Night

    July Mystery Card Night in Red White Blue

    July Mystery Card Night See I told you there was a TON of stuff going on!! The July Mystery Card Night went off without a hitch. Do NOT worry, you still have time to get in on the FUN!! You can even catch the live over on my YouTube channel. I am broadcasting it in both places now!! What is Mystery Card Night?? Well you get measurements for card parts and we meet on the second Friday of each month to make make that card. I post the measurement on facebook and youtube now. Need help finding me on youtube?? Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • Mystery Card Night

    Join in Mystery Card Night, Yes, via my blog!!

    Join in Mystery Card Night How would you like a chance to Join in Mystery Card night?? Yes, I know it is on facebook and not everyone is there. Here is your chance to check it out. Here is the link to the supplies used. I have added all the cuts and scores. You can try it out. Send me an email with your projects. Let’s see whatcha got!! This class is FREE, you use the supplies you have. I talk about how much fun we have but… I get it. I would love to see what you come up with… It really is kinda fun. Hugs and Have a…

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    January Mystery Card Night, change of plans.

    January Mystery Card Night In case you have not heard, the January Mystery Card Night will be on January 1. Yup, Saturday is the day. Clues have started already. The theme is something we have NEVER done before. I am super excited!! Have you join us yet?? OMG, it is all about the shenanigans and learning a fun fold too! Comment below if you would like to join us! I will send you a link to the Mystery Card Night and Games group on Facebook! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! Last day to get your class to go is Friday!

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    You missed Mystery Card Night, still time for a prize!

    You missed Mystery Card Night You missed Mystery Card Night, no worries, you still have time to get a prize. Head on over to the Facebook group here. Watch the replay and Add your photos to the group post. I would love to have you join us next month too! We always meet on the second Friday of each month. Theme clues start on Thursday. Questions let me know I will help you out! Are you Brave enough?? I bet you love a great deal. I know that I sure do. How about a 20% discount?? OHH YEAH!! Here is what you have been looking for!! Get a $125 worth…

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    Pillow Gifts from my Michigan Trip.

    Pillow Gifts from my Michigan Trip. You guys know I love giving things to my friends, including Pillow Gifts from my Michigan Trip. I had two roomies, so I could no resist giving these super cute “bags”. These were originally made in Mystery Card Night back in September. That one however had handles. This one I left them off. Each one was made in a color that I knew they would love. Misty Moonlight Cardstock. This one was for Karissa, she loves blue. Remember we made those post it note holders in a Wednesday night class. There was some soap, hand sanitizer and of course candies in each of the…

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    Christmas Mystery Card Night in July, Fun Fold.

    Christmas Mystery Card Night Wanting to start off the month with Christmas Mystery Card Night theme and carry it all the way through. Here is the first of those cards. Any one reason that I love MCN. NO matter the theme you use what you have and creat a couple of fun projects. This project uses the Tidings & Trimmings bundle. It is a stamp and die bundle. However do not miss out on the whole Tidings of Christmas suite. You will see parts of that suite later this week. This whole week will be celebrations Christmas in July. Even in my lives this week. It is going to hopefully…

  • Mystery Card Night

    Join the Mystery Card Night starting Today!

    Join the Mystery Card Night. I would love for you to Join the Mystery Card Night fun! The theme clues start to post Thursday. Here is how it works! The first posts start to post on Wednesday night, few reminders and showing how excited we are. Ohhh, I am excited! We always have soo much fun. I pick a theme each month and give you clues along the way. We all laugh and act silly too. It really is a great way to end the week. To make things easier I post “cuts” of supplies you will want to have ready so that there is less stress. Yes, and soo…

  • Paper Pumpkin

    Stencils Here’s to You and so much more…

    Stencils Here’s to You Today I wanted to share the Stencils Here’s to You included. Using two of the FREE stencils are stamps from the kit. Have you missed out on the Paper Pumpkin fun?? Why?? I hope that I have given you enough reasons to at least try it. However, apparently not. Please tell me what you need to see, I bet I have a few ideas yet. Join me next week in the Pumpkin Whispers… A Paper Club to check out this kit. For this idea I wanted to just use the stencils that we received for FREE in March, Thank you Paper Pumpkin. I have to say…