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    Coffee and Cards tomorrow morning.

    Coffee and Cards tomorrow morning In case you forgot, need a reminder, or did not know. Coffee and Cards tomorrow morning is the crafty place to be!! I will be live over on my facebook page and you will love the Patriotic Theme that I have planned!! Ohhh come on 10:30am central time is not that early. You can enjoy with your favorite morning beverage in your PJ’s. I can not wait to see you then!! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Happy Birthday to the U.S.A.

    Celebrating with Family?? I hope that you had an amazing 4th of July. Poor Joe had to work, but I did enjoy some hot dogs and potato salad. Also enjoyed a few fireworks, thanks to my awesome neighbors. I also enjoyed spending time with you during this mornings facebook live. Which has also been added to youtube. Sorry everyone for the weird internet issues this morning… No idea. But thankful you could join in the crafty red, white and blue fun this morning. I wanted to share that there is more to just a tag, right!! Wait until you see tomorrows post… taking it just one step further. Hugs and…

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    Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

    Happy Birthday America! Sounds kinda funny saying Happy Birthday to a Country, but… That really is what today is all about. How as a new country “we” decided “we” wanted freedom from Tierney and Oppression. Those freedoms were as the result of many brave men and women. Freedoms that at times get taken for granted. As a Marine mom, I have a small understanding of the drive that it takes to be brave and go off to fight for those freedoms. The worry of a family when loved ones go on faith and belief that our country stands for Freedom. These freedoms that are still alive today, gratefully!! Hugs and…