• Hamscher Homestead

    Snuggles, Funny, Pretty and more Funny

    Furry Snuggles… These two have been on top of me this weekend. I can not sit without one or both of them on my lap or up against me. I do love the snuggles, but I need some space too!! What makes you feel FABULOUS?! She is sooo cute!! I do see some shopping in my future… however, it will be online shopping. When was the last time you got a surprise in the mail?? A friend in Canada mailed this to me!! Soo beautiful right?! Check out my post on Instagram (link at top of page) tomorrow I will share her account! She sells on Etsy too! Lastly, one…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Construction updates and lazies

    Poor Joe, BUT all the sub-flooring has been replaced. I have been working on the prettier side of things. These will replace the plain and boring globes on the old ceiling fan. Joe and I wanted to find a floor close to the hardwood we want to eventually do. We did find a winner. In addition, I found the the PERFECT paint color. White Sox is OVER the mess and displacement. Poor Mr. Bigglesworth has missed sitting in the window. All of the kitties have been real good with all the craziness going on. Thankfully and hopeful it will be completed VERY soon! Hugs, Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Construction and Misc

    Good Morning!! White Sox apparently was needing attention this morning. I woke up wrapped up with legs. hahaha The other day, Joe and I went to Culver for a pizza fix and not too far from the lake we saw two deer. After that, this was the ending of a beautiful day of lumber getting and all that stuff. However, we are back to reality! Insulation removed, painted and replaced, now new sub flooring. We still need to go back to the get drywall, primer, paint and flooring. Enough messing around, back to work!! Hugs, Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!