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    I wanted to say hello and share some news!

    I wanted to say Hello! Yes, I know, I know, you know me, but I wanted to say HELLO! I do not get to “see” all of you very often. However, know that I am here to help you on your creative journey! I am here to inspire and help YOU with all things crafty! With that being said I do love to sharing my ideas, but I really like to share stuff going on around my home too! I also wanted to tell you that I see you sitting there wondering where our adventure will go next. Most days I share my ideas and projects. I am curious… Is…

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    End of week Catch-up for all the information.

    End of week Catch-up! To start our End of week Catch-up just a reminder for Mystery Card Night. This is a FREE event that happens monthly over on Facebook. You really should join us!! Use what you have play along and possibly with a prize?? Heck why not!! The clues to this months theme start to post on Wednesday night. However, the measurements will post on Thursday. Here is where you can find what is on the Last Chance list from the Jan – June Mini catalog. Reminder to use the new host code if your order is under $150. AND there are a few items at 50% off. WoooHOO!!…

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    We need Best Friends a few reason to find a few…

    We need Best Friends I know I do, We need Best Friends. Love the reasons here and I just add a few here. I am super lucky that I have several. Some are part of my Stamping Family and some just like me for me. No matter how we met, I appreciate them all!! Really, all of them. I have laughed with them. Yes, even cried with them more then once. Cheered for them. And have even pushed a few to try something new. My friends know not to ask my opinion unless they REALLY want it. I will help them see both side of things. Also, I will help…

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    Homestead Birds Craft room update and reminder.

    Homestead Birds Craft room updates… Thankful for all the Homestead Birds and Craft room updates to share with you today!! There is at least one cardinal couple that I have seen already. I do enjoy the birds. The kitties enjoy the entertainment as well. YES, the birds are safe. Not even Junior is a bird eater. Thankful for that!! Can you see him?? Look for the Red head. That is one of our usual Woodpeckers. I have to look him up and see what the female looks like. A new woodpecker that stopped by. I am thinking it just might be this ones wife. However, Who knows…. Junior and I…

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    Wood Ornament Sneak Peak at the Studio

    Wood Ornament, Sneak Peak This little Wood Ornament, Sneak Peak at the Studio too. First, the ornament. Have you wondered about those little wood “cookies”? I ordered 30 of them, with not much of a plan, but then it hit me. The Wreath Builder?? I wonder?? I grabbed some scrap and cut one out. You bet, it sure did fit!! I added a second layer. Yes, two different colors. This one is Shaded Spruce and Granny Apple Green. There was also Shaded Spruce and Old Olive, Pear Pizzazz and Old Olive. Although, I even did a Shaded Spruce and Shade Spruce. The wreath builder is even a bundle, Arrange a…

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    Thanksgiving breakdown and Kitty wants attention

    Thanksgiving Breakdown and Kitty How about a Thanksgiving Breakdown and Kitty. Starting the night before with the drying of the bread. I was thinking for a second about making my own bread. Yes, just a second. I think I originally was thinking I would feel better then I actually did. Starting off the day with how we would end the day. Pies. I know how do two people need two pies. Well, I love Pumpkin and Joe loves Apple. So two pies. The pumpkin was cut and big part of it went into the freezer. You guys saw the crazy smoke here, right?? Adding to the lineup, mashed potatoes, green…

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    Nothing going on here, weird week.

    Nothing going on here. Well, what a week it has been, nothing going on here. However, this next week promises to be a full one. This sinus infection really knocked me out. Medicine I think … finally… kicked in. I know that things have been weird this week. Even with all the weirdness the far wall has been primed and Joe has a little work to do at one of the lights. A little too much fill. He removed the window frames today. Once the ceiling is painted moving on to the new color. What a mess, right?? Yes, this is a real mess. This is a photo taken tonight.…

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    Thing Light and Purrs, just another week on the Homestead.

    Thing Light and Purrs So as always lots going on here…. a Thing, Light and Purrs make for one crazy week!! So while surfing the web for a new hairstyle. I decided to go back to my natural hair color. And yes, my hair color is actually this dark. When things starting getting to light I just rip off the band aide. haha. If you missed my do debut, check out this live from Saturday. Now to get new glasses. The “light” at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. Drywall went up all the mud has been sanded. Mud added again and sanded a second, even a third…

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    Whole lot of Homestead going on.

    Whole lot of Homestead. You know that there is always a whole lot of Homestead going on each week. However this week… DANG!! Joe is home and I am still in the kitchen typing up this post. How do you like my view?? This Cleveland Pear looked like it was on fire about a day later. I really do love fall and all the colors. You can see the “big” Willow in the background. It is down by the pond and still green, but not too many leaves are left on it. Yes, the pond is super low. It was this low back 11 years ago. They following spring is…

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    Kitty Moving days setup …so much going on.

    Kitty Moving days setup. So much going on with the Kitty, Moving days. setup and a peak at the craft room. Starting with Mr. Bigglesworth. He decided to spend the night up in the tree house. To say that I was surprised is an under statement. That is the same spot that I found White Sox in last week. They really are missing sister. Moving days, started with cleaning up the kitchen table. The top left photo you will see how huge my kitchen table is. Yes, both leaves of the table are in. I hate to say that the table still had some stuff from the kitchen remodel. No,…

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    Coffee Cats Window Joe, ohhh NO!

    Coffee Cats Window and Joe I know I am a day late, but… Didn’t you love that hop!! Missed it?? OHHH no, click here. Today is about Coffee, Cats, Window, Joe’s incident with the Tractor. I am super excited to share that now “Junior” only wants to eat on the bench. Joe usually sits on the concrete with him. Well, he has moved up in the world. haha. I like that he is hoping up on the bench even before I am done scooping the food. YEAH!! White Sox has decided that he can lay in the treehouse. That was actually Gabby’s spot. And I know he misses her still.…

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    Craft Room work and a poor sick kitty.

    I had some help from Logan today! We did a bunch of cleaning dusting and reorganizing! Logan’s Mom sat by and just supervised us… haha. Thank you guys for ALL your help today. I think it ended up pretty darn great!! Added to the BOGO pile, which is ALWAYS a good thing, right?? Still more to do, but I am exhausted! Besides… Gabby was not feeling very good again today… She wanted to snuggle tonight. SOOOO, I made a point of staying put to be sure that she got what she needed! I hope you don’t mind… Have a good night! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Last card from Stampin’ Bingo

    Here is the WOWSZA card… the cutie is a shaker! I do love them, why don’t we make more?? Hummm? Ohh, yeah not easy to mail. I know the nieces and nephews love them! Before I share more pictures… I just want to mention that the Lily Impressions DSP AND the Metallic Bakers Twine and Sequins set is from the SAB catalog, FREE! The sentiment is tooo! To add the WOWSZA it is a fancy fold too. But NO extra cardstock! How?? Take your 4 1/4 x 11 card base and cut it in half. Use the second half for the “front” in the opposite direction. Decorate as you wish!…

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    Thanksgiving, big mess and chilling out… news too

    My sister-in-law, sister and me. We had an amazing Thanksgiving. Talked, laughed and made memories. I am very lucky and grateful for family! This is the aftermath from the Starke County Holiday Shoptacular. A HUGE mess, well not really. It only took me 45 ish minutes to put this all away. In other words, thanks to the new shelves that I added last week! There were two bags just of cards, YIKES!! Need ideas?? I am sure you can find something to inspire you in those boxes!! After all that was cleaned up, Joe had be clean EVERYTHING off the fireplace. He decided it was time to get this fireplace…

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    Today I did some cleaning…

    Do you have a Tree that is refusing to let go?? Both of the homestead Cleveland Pears still have all the leaves on them. The birds are happy for the shelter. Several of the oak trees too. The third Thursday of each month is Team meeting night. Apparently this black and white kitty wants to join the team! What do you thing team?? Should it become an Inky Whisper Sister?? Under this rack it has been driving me CRAZY!! (short trip, but..) See the mess, picture all the way to the left. CRAZY!! While shopping with Kaitlyn a couple weeks ago. I found this 6 cubbie shelf. I have to…

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    Construction update and MORE!

    Houston, we have insulation AND drywall. WooooHooo!! Two full sheets left too…HUMMMM, where can I put that?? Mudding has started too! I will leave that for the next Post. The Chickens say… bring on the fall weather!! The girls sure have been much happier with the cooler temperatures. However, this Sassafras is a reminder of what is to come. They are the first to turn color here. Pretty against all the green, BUT!! This poor butterfly/moth was not “feeling” the cooler temperatures. Joe brought her in for a warm up and an orange snack. Lastly, I NEEDED to take advantage of the tools being out!! I can not wait to…

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    Getting Ready

    Worked on getting ready for the BOGO Sale… I am super excited to find new homes for all my retired goodies… Are you ready?? Here is the only sneak peek that you are going to get… there are a TON of … Stamps Ink/markers/refills Punches Dies Embossing Folders Designer Series Paper Cardstock Ribbon Past Paper Pumpkins Kits Misc Plus there are a ton of cards and Projects to see in person. Class sign lists for August and September. The 4H fair still will be back home too! Phew…. Just too much to list… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    The poor UPS man

    Question, do you have to same UPS man?? or a different one each time? Lately they have all been different. My delivery driver has made a few stops this week… hahaha Do you treat your UPS person?? if so with what? When we had the same person all the time I sure did. Hummm, what to do what to do… Check back tomorrow to see what happened at our team meeting… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Do you see my Whisper White and Silver bakers twine?? I can not find it ANYWHERE!! How about the little flowers that I fussy cut out?? Uugghh. I am drowning in paper and ribbon if you do not hear from me by morning please send a search party!! I have this BIG party with a few thousand of my friends to go too! Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Organizing still underway

    Everyone is talking about the organizing they are doing…. This craft room needs it too. The clutter is enough to drive anyone to crazy town, with a free pass. I am ashamed of how bad it has gotten. stuff was everywhere…. There was even stuff moved already. Total trash/recycle 3 bags. One trip to the thrift store and lots for the BOGO sale. As you can see the retired stamps have drastically went down…. Even Penelope (top left) and Gaelic (down on the scratchier) helped sort. Room to grow?? I have catalogs that go back pretty far, not going back to when I was a customer, but there are a…

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    Thank You

    I had great fun today at the craft room sale. Made a couple new friends and had soo much fun with the old ones. This is a new display that has been added to the craft room…. it is a bit rough, but it fits in, dontch think?? To all that came today, Thank you!! It was great fun, as usual forgot to take pictures AGAIN. Looking forward to see what you all do with your new treasures!! I am exhausted….and think it will take a few days to catchup?? We shall see… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! good night……….. zzzzzzzz

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    Let the organizing begin

    After over a year of looking at a mess… I was done. The corner of this room needs to be dealt with!! Four bags of recycle later…. Much better. Now looking for some solutions to get more organized. Finding these boxes was a huge bonus. Now all the dies and folders can go the same direction. WooHOOO. Then finding out that the ink fits also…. BONUS!!! As things get further along I will share more…. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!