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    Closets, Fairs and Fall

    Last week started kinda slow, but with Joe’s long weekend coming up and moving day creeping in I hope. The closet was all my job. I had the task of figuring out how to put it back. The old way just did not make sense to me! However, I did not want to purchase too much more! Adding one and moving the line of shelves what my first attempt. Making more for dresses and another place to pile things. Ta-DUH!! Joe and I picked up blinds, curtains, new small lamps and even new curtain rods. Although we still need to get trim. With the cooler weather here there are a…

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    A floor, more color and shhh

    Finally nearing the end of this remodel journey… a temporary floor has been glued down. Yes, it is dusty, but Swiffer to the rescue. The kitties have been enjoying the sunlight in here. If you look VERY close you can see a dark green bouncy ball in the far end of the floor (kitty toy). Joe, wants to move back in this next week. Fingers crossed because the closet needs to be put back in, new blinds on the windows and trim. I will keep you posted!! haha Remember last weeks tree?? This Sugar Maple is just enjoying the change and so are we!! The temperature is going to shift…

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    I am sorry…

    Hello Everyone… I spent the day in a different kind of crafty mode. Starting last night with the first coat on the ceiling. Continuing this morning with the second coat. The directions give a two hour dry time, BUT… I immediately headed back in the closet to keep moving. Did not finish the second coat until almost 11. My hand hurts, darn Carpal tunnel, so off to bed I go, after feeding the four legged critters. Good Night, Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Took a break from the Dust..

    Things are moving along… the last of the patches made… Mud filled all the spots. Then comes the BIG mess!! The Sanding!! Can I just say, YUK! Joe was careful and blocked the door, it is still just EVERYWHERE!! I am happy to report though.. the sanding today was completed, the floor damp mopped. Next, comes primer. Put a coat of primer on the new drywall. Tomorrow the WHOLE room. EXCITING!! Finally needing a break. A text was sent, plans made. Where did we go?? Duh!! Pizza of course! Thankful to them for joining us and having fun with us! But back to work! Hugs and Have a Great Day…

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    Construction update and MORE!

    Houston, we have insulation AND drywall. WooooHooo!! Two full sheets left too…HUMMMM, where can I put that?? Mudding has started too! I will leave that for the next Post. The Chickens say… bring on the fall weather!! The girls sure have been much happier with the cooler temperatures. However, this Sassafras is a reminder of what is to come. They are the first to turn color here. Pretty against all the green, BUT!! This poor butterfly/moth was not “feeling” the cooler temperatures. Joe brought her in for a warm up and an orange snack. Lastly, I NEEDED to take advantage of the tools being out!! I can not wait to…

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    Frogs and the auction

    While working on a few things later in the evening. I am sad that it is getting dark earlier. I know, that is part of fall, but where did September go? This tree frog is super confused. The nights were getting cooler, and BAM back to the humidity. This small thing gets VERY loud. Trust me, I am talking not even in the downspout …loud. No construction updates. Poor Joe has been “adulting” at the mill. Even working some overtime the last couple weeks. His long weekend is coming up, so fingers crossed. We need some dry weather, because drywall needs to be picked up. I had plans to take…

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    Construction updates and lazies

    Poor Joe, BUT all the sub-flooring has been replaced. I have been working on the prettier side of things. These will replace the plain and boring globes on the old ceiling fan. Joe and I wanted to find a floor close to the hardwood we want to eventually do. We did find a winner. In addition, I found the the PERFECT paint color. White Sox is OVER the mess and displacement. Poor Mr. Bigglesworth has missed sitting in the window. All of the kitties have been real good with all the craziness going on. Thankfully and hopeful it will be completed VERY soon! Hugs, Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Construction and Misc

    Good Morning!! White Sox apparently was needing attention this morning. I woke up wrapped up with legs. hahaha The other day, Joe and I went to Culver for a pizza fix and not too far from the lake we saw two deer. After that, this was the ending of a beautiful day of lumber getting and all that stuff. However, we are back to reality! Insulation removed, painted and replaced, now new sub flooring. We still need to go back to the get drywall, primer, paint and flooring. Enough messing around, back to work!! Hugs, Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!