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    Thing Light and Purrs, just another week on the Homestead.

    Thing Light and Purrs So as always lots going on here…. a Thing, Light and Purrs make for one crazy week!! So while surfing the web for a new hairstyle. I decided to go back to my natural hair color. And yes, my hair color is actually this dark. When things starting getting to light I just rip off the band aide. haha. If you missed my do debut, check out this live from Saturday. Now to get new glasses. The “light” at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. Drywall went up all the mud has been sanded. Mud added again and sanded a second, even a third…

  • Craft Room,  Hamscher Homestead

    Whole lot of Homestead going on.

    Whole lot of Homestead. You know that there is always a whole lot of Homestead going on each week. However this week… DANG!! Joe is home and I am still in the kitchen typing up this post. How do you like my view?? This Cleveland Pear looked like it was on fire about a day later. I really do love fall and all the colors. You can see the “big” Willow in the background. It is down by the pond and still green, but not too many leaves are left on it. Yes, the pond is super low. It was this low back 11 years ago. They following spring is…

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    Coffee Cats Window Joe, ohhh NO!

    Coffee Cats Window and Joe I know I am a day late, but… Didn’t you love that hop!! Missed it?? OHHH no, click here. Today is about Coffee, Cats, Window, Joe’s incident with the Tractor. I am super excited to share that now “Junior” only wants to eat on the bench. Joe usually sits on the concrete with him. Well, he has moved up in the world. haha. I like that he is hoping up on the bench even before I am done scooping the food. YEAH!! White Sox has decided that he can lay in the treehouse. That was actually Gabby’s spot. And I know he misses her still.…