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Stampin’ Bingo Prize Smiles, just a peek Spring 2022.

Stampin Bingo

Stampin’ Bingo Prize Smiles

Here is the fun part… yes the cards are great, but the Stampin’ Bingo Prize Smiles are BEAUTIFUL!! If you are wondering how Stampin’ Bingo works… Here is what you need to know for the fall one. We make 3 cards. Using some of your goodie bag. One is always a fun fold the other two are fun. And believe me when I tell you that you have a lot to bring home. I do really like to spoil you!! Candy for when you get your first numbers in each game. Sometimes for every number. Dang, I like to give away candy!! haha. However this post is supposed to be about the prizes right??

Keep in mind the more folks that sign up not only the more prizes, but the bigger the prizes will be. Each game of bingo you have a chance at two prizes. You can only win one time. And there are “boobie prizes” too. No you will not leave empty handed. This time there were…

PHEW, those are some awesome prizes. Okay maybe its just me. Here is what you want to see though…

Now, these are only the in person winners. There were online winners too. Aren’t those smiles BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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