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Sprouts Growth Kitties Spring is so darn close

Sprouts Growth Kitties Spring

There is soo much to share this week… Sprouts Growth Kitties Spring is so darn close. Here is a peek at some of my tulips. And let me just say this is a super small peek. Tulips are up on the front walk and several of the flower beds. I have a bunch of different colors, pink, purple, orange, white and goodness knows what else. I forget.

First of these photos is one of the Daffodils that is out on the edge of the “Back 40”. This is one of several. I am thinking if the weather stays warmer these will have flowers for next week. What do you think??

Second photo is Heuchera. I got four of these in some hanging baskets from last year. Love all this color already!! I also have a similar plant in purple, haha yes!! They are shade liking plants. I do not have too many shady spots, YET!!

Lastly is the Maple tree I got from my dad last year. This one is behind the Chicken Coop. Joe actually had this one on irrigation last year. It took and looks very very happy. I look forward to this being a beautiful center piece in this section. I have compost to pick up this week.

These different personalities of Mr. Gorilla Cookies. The first was first thing in the morning. Yes, apparently he was VERY hungry. The second is later the same day. Can you say Hangry??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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