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Sprouts Buds and Visitors all this week, plus…

Sprouts Buds and Visitors

Sprouts Buds and Visitors

This week on the homestead… Sprouts Buds and Visitors! I am sure you can guess about the first two. You will have to wait for the last part. I went and did a walk around a couple times with Joe and my friend Kendra. We have found several tulips, later in the week. Daffodils over by the chicken coop. Green on daisy leaves, yarrow leaves and even in the creeping phlox. That was not the only thing that I found promising!

Sprouts Buds and Visitors

Looking out at the fruit trees. Soo many buds. We have the potential for lots of fruit. Fingers crossed that the bees and all the other pollinators stop by. Also that the frost stays away until that is all done. Whole Joe and I were on our walkabout we saw a lot of new branch growth on the trees. The base of a few of our trees have gotten HUGE.

Sprouts Buds and Visitors

It was my Sister and her family!

My sister, her hubby and the girls came for a visit. On Sunday, which the weather completely cooperated! The girls were in chicken duty ALL day, feeding collecting eggs and collecting eggs. Hahaha. however there were many other things.. walks, talking about plants, finding tree stumps and adventures too!

Joe did an amazing job smoking chicken, while Mindy, the girls and I fixed corn bread, veggies and salad. And of course there was dessert! As always you never leave here hungry! I will say that I think. Y favorite part was planting with the girls. I had received in the mail Saturday some tubers that HAD to be planted. So we did just that.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

April Paper Pumpkin Peek


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