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Spring work and a Kitty on the Homestead

Spring work and a Kitty on the Homestead

Well, as you can see here, Momma is NOT doing much work. This week has been all about Spring work and a Kitty on the Homestead. It is sure funny to see all the different nap spots that her and Mr Gorilla Cookies has. I wish I could enjoy a sunny spot like this!! It is a tad chilly yet.

As you can see by these photos, the bulbs are waking up. I had a friend stop by today and say that she saw a tulip blooming too. I have not gone to investigate. Top left is off the porch and these are Grape Hyacinths. I do not recall planting these… However, I have a few patches. I do know that these can come by bird delivery, if you know what I mean. Top right is the garden off the kitchen window. These Daffodils are REALLY going of it, dontcha think? Bottom left is along the tree line in the back forty. The first of the Yellow/Orange Daffodils. Lastly, the bottom right, is also the back forty by the larger oak tree. Guys the sea of yellow back there is amazing.

I was pulling a few blades of grass from this Maple tree a found an earth worm. I know that most do not like creepy crawlies, but this is an awesome find down by the pond. Remember there is not much ‘dirt’ down there, mostly sand!!

Took this photo of the Memorial Garden for Mom, see that pudgy bird?? Those are where her kitties were added to the Memorial Garden.

Here is the Screech Owl house. Apparently I need to get the ladder and clean it out. I have not clue who was using it but it is empty. I am sure it wasn’t an owl, most likely squirrels. No one will be using it with it unsecured though. Added to the list!

Lastly, the Sassafras tree.

It is going. Joe and I started on this on Sunday. We were able to move the Iris and Tiger Lilies from under it. Now to the it and the roots out. I have Trees coming to be planted here. I have a fun vision too!! Looking forward to sharing it with you!! Hey Dad, See the evergreen behind it and too the right?? That is the one with the winter damage from several years ago. Looking good I think!!

Well, guys… I know that posting has been lean lately. I want to share that I have not been feeling up to snuff if you know what I mean. With that being said after a Sunday spent outside, things have improved. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow…


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