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Spreading Sunshine

Have you done a walk about in the yard yet?? I sure have and ohh sooo many changes from day to day. Have you noticed? Woke up this morning felt the sun on my face and decided it was going to be a day to be outside. So the Sunshine I will be spreading today is… the organic kind. The above photos were from this evening.

The fruits of my labors….

It sure does not look intimidating, right?? That clump of stuff has been haunting me for two seasons. This spring was the time to move the Clematis. Not far, but that was what made it questionable. Did I really need to move it?? Originally this was under the old fence. Joe decided to make a new fence around this flower bed and shaped it ever-so bigger that the poor vine had no where to go put ..


I had my big girl panties on and grabbed the shovels, my muscles and an extra bag of dirt. Keep in mind this plant has been here for 8 ish years… will it make it? I sure hope so! Fingers crossed, mother nature be kind. I know, I know … really it is only moving about 2 feet. Silly?? let’s hope not!

Joe got in the on sunshine too!! With all this quarantine business, the boxes were getting out of control… You know what I mean? And we all know that Joe ran over the last burn barrel we had, geezz. Joe. Here is the new and improved manly burner that we have now!! Now to find a more suitable home for it! hummmmm

The big garden has been tilled too… Now on to planting. Potatoes and onions first. So if you have a couple potatoes with “eyes” drop them off for me please! If I don’t find any… the row will surely be short. Straw detail will follow the planting this year! It just got outta hand last year! YIKES!!

Lastly, I am working on a few “crafty” projects using what I have around the place…. care to guess??

Ohhh yeah, BTW… I obviously was outside ALL day so, no papercrafting has been done…. I sure hope you will be okay with getting other projects to inspire you. Join in my adventures again tomorrow. I need to see if I can get the dirt off my dry hands. NO, I did not wear gloves I like to get my hands in the dirt too much!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Managed some outdoor time as well but had a pressing indoor job that I could no longer ignore. Cleaned my oven. HAD TO!
    Each time I turned it on it was setting off smoke detectors!!!!
    No paper crafting for me either.
    Can’t wait to see your yard and garden

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