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So these are some beautiful ladies..

Fun picture, right?? The middle lady is my Mom(72) the lady on the left is my aunt, Joanne (80). I am lucky because both are amazing women and hope to be like them when I grow up!! This weekend I am going to talk about some amazing ladies I have the honor to know. Mom, Mary, she is partially why I am, the way I am. stubborn, and strong. She raised 6 kids with an old fashioned husband. She stood by me on a couple of really tough times. I love you mom! Aunt Joanne, she was not afraid to try ANYTHING! She owned a couple businesses, she also raised children alone (3). At the age of 80 she was painting her house, she is not afraid to pull out the power tools either!! I am blessed to have these ladies and others in my life, Have a Great Day getting crafty!

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