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Snuggles Lovin Treasures and Construction

Snuggles Lovin Treasures and Construction

It has been a super quiet week here on the Homestead. Not much really to tell. Here are a few that the kitties wanted me to share. Junior has been VERY needy. Goes from Joe’s lap to mine and back. I can not get a thing done with him this needy.

Violet (left) wanted to pop in an say hello. She almost missed out though. She did not want to look at the camera. Finally got one of her beautiful face. She is soo cute!! Wayne (middle)did not want to get his picture taken… so he decided to hide in the drawer. I do NOT know how he can climb up in these drawers anymore. He has gotten soo big! Last is Donnie (right). Sunday Joe was at work I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and he jumped in my lap. He does not do this very often anymore. I was sure happy to oblige his need for snuggles.

I am happy to say that all of the kitties are fixed in the house. Butterfly was the last one. Today marks one week. She has been also super snuggly since then. Joe and I are both very happy that she has been chilling out with Mr. Bigglesworth.

I found more treasures in the bed this week. However, I sure wish that ALL of the clothes pins were in the bag. I found them ALL over the floor in the craft room. I do love that they bring me things, however, I need to remember to be sure that everything is closed before walking away from it.

Lastly, Joe is tearing things up again. We have been talking about tearing out this closet. We started moving things and trying to figure out where to put the things from the closet. I found some cabinet storage for under the sinks which helped a bunch. However, Joe decided to create a new storage area. It is not ready to share, YET!! Stay Tuned to see what will be next.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

If you would be interested in getting your hands on one of these. Contact me directly, cost $6 plus shipping.

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