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Furry Snuggles…

These two have been on top of me this weekend. I can not sit without one or both of them on my lap or up against me. I do love the snuggles, but I need some space too!!

What makes you feel FABULOUS?!

She is sooo cute!! I do see some shopping in my future… however, it will be online shopping.

When was the last time you got a surprise in the mail?? A friend in Canada mailed this to me!! Soo beautiful right?! Check out my post on Instagram (link at top of page) tomorrow I will share her account! She sells on Etsy too!

Lastly, one more funny!! The hubby sent this to me … I laughed out loud! Enjoy! Stay healthy, don’t forget to clean your phones and cases!

Virtual Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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