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Snowy Critters on Homestead pond, coop and…

Snowy Critters on Homestead

Snowy Critters on Homestead

Woke up to this Heron looking for a meal along with other Snowy Critters on the Homestead. No it did not stick around very long. I was happy to have caught this one photo. Yes, it really has been this deary here. I need the Sun to pop out for a little bit. And thankful that it did for about an hour.

Snowy Critters on Homestead

Caught this one while hanging with the flock during feeding time. This really could be a new romance for the coop. I really can not wait to see what beautiful babies these two will eventually make. She (on the left) is a green egg layer. He is a Silkie and Frizzle mix. Could make for beautiful babies!! We will have to see, once she starts laying eggs.

Ohh Yeah, I forgot…

Joe and I were wondering why we have not gotten any eggs. And i mean ANY!! For several weeks now. I looked outside at about 5:30 pm and noticed that the coop light was not on. Second day I made a point to check again. NOPE, no light. Joe noticed a couple days prior too. Now to investigate. Joe found the issue, did the necessary repair. Imagine 4 days later we got EGGS!! WoooHOO!

Snowy Critters on Homestead

Speaking of romance though… Junior has been MIA for two days now. Cuddles (more here) has been at the house at least three times each day. Last night she stuck around for over an hour. Which now has me worried too. I sure hope that he finds his way back home and gets out from wherever he is stuck or hiding.

Snowy Critters on Homestead

Needing to end a a good note. The Hibiscus is blooming like crazy right now. No I did not add fertilizer or anything. It does make me happy to see the new flowers each morning. I hope this brightens your day too!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    WoooooHooooo the hyper link is back!!!!!
    Hope Jr. Shows up soon! Now I’m worried too!
    Your chickens get more interesting all the time! Just keep marking them if you are going to hatch them!
    That crane sure is pretty!
    Cuddles is pretty too.
    Thanks for the update my friend.

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