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Snow Water Chickens and More on the Homestead

Snow Water Chickens and More

This week it is Snow Water Chickens and More, so much more, on the Homestead! Starting with the Snow of course. This photo was just the start. We ended up with about 6-8 inches. The wind was blowing stuff around so I am unsure the actual amount. However, now the temps are warmer and this is what I have…

A whole bunch of water. Thankful that Joe can help directed it to where we want it to end up, the pond. Even the front had standing water. Small pond like water. Of course it helped warm up the ground enough to soak it all in. With that being said, round three is supposed to come on Thursday night. Time will tell what that will bring.

Although through the mud, snow and freezing rain these girls are in full egg laying mode. Today I retrieved 11 eggs. If you know me on Facebook we gathered eggs Sunday morning. I think at that point there were 8 and I found one more later in the day.

Need eggs?

Here is a quick look at the “boys”. First photo is Mr. Bigglesworth (L) Clyde in the window and Donnie. Second and Third is Donnie. He found Joe’s Valentine’s Day balloon. It has been all around the house!

Junior and Mom after the video on Sunday. Clyde is trying to talk Junior (his Dad) into coming inside. Donnie has also been watching hims very closely. We ALL hope that he figures it out soon!

Warm Hugs and Have A Great Day getting Crafty!!

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