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Snow kitties and Sherri Adventure all week.

Snow kitties and Sherri Adventure

The day started with not much, however…. Snow kitties and Sherri Adventure. By the time the snow stopped we had no grass to be found. I know not everyone is excited about it. But it really is time for the white stuff. However, I still have bulbs to plant. I will add that later this week there will be a warm up. I am sure that I can get the last of the bulbs planted. Yes, I am laughing out loud. You should be too!!

I love watching they two rough house. All the loud thuds and pitter patter of those big feet. These two are no exception. Funny also how they wear each other OUT!! Donnie plopped down and was exhausted! Pets really do make you smile each day.

Sunday I was up early. Okay, I had to pick Joe up. Now down to one vehicle again. I know we will figure it out. Anyway, I was up early to head out for a day of crafty adventures with Sherri. There was a craft fair down in Francesville, Indiana. Here we are with one of our projects. I might add that I think I need a second one of these. Fingers crossed that I can find the parts.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

December Paper Pumpkin peek

Sing up by December 10. There is another add on this month.

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