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Snow Kitties and making Soup this week.

Snow Kitties and making Soup

What a week, holy cow… no bulb planting. However, Snow kitties and making Soup was what I did this week. This was about the trace amounts of snow. I know I have friends that did get lots more. I know they were not ready and neither was I. As you can see in this photo, I starting organizing my lanterns and stuff that needs to come in for the season. There is a TON of stuff. Chairs, clay pots a long with all my little cute picks for my pots. You know the butterflies, angels and other things. Ohhh how I love decorating my potted plants.

Butterfly has been wanting to help me a bunch in the craft room these days. I have enjoyed watching her play and even chase me, plus the kittens, around the house. Serious, I am very happy about it. I was getting ready for Girls Night last week when I took this photo.

Lastly, it is time once again to put on soup. I love making homemade soup. This one was Chicken Pot Pie soup. It was super yummy, This photo was the very beginning of the making. I used all the yummy stuff, corn, peas, carrots, celery, onion and chicken. Yes, there is heavy cream in here too. The true test of how good it was. Made it on Saturday. Today, Monday, it is GONE!!

Joe was making chili today. He pulled out TWO crock pots. Yes, a HUGE batch. Some for the freezer and some to eat tomorrow. I think corn bread is in order tomorrow.

What have you made now that the cooler weather is here??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula

    Oh that soup looks yummy!

    Butterfly looks comfy on the the corner of the table.

    I do not like snow at all. But will admit that your photo looks peaceful.

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