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Snow Christmas Flowers and Fun this week.

Snow Christmas Flowers and Fun

This week on the Homestead was a bit of Snow Christmas Flowers and Fun. Now obviously this was Tuesday, and YES it has all melted since then. Bummer I say, but I get it. I am happy to report that the inside is mostly done. I have to find the angel for this…

This was completed on Sunday. However, has been in place without lights or anything else since earlier in the week. It sure has been a crazy week. I need to mention the new train has come. Joe and the kitties have been having fun!!

They have been taking turns sitting in the wreath that needs to go outside. Plus if you click on the last photo on the right, you will see a trouble maker….


No I was NOT happy about this. Donnie and Clyde were not like this and it is crazy. These naughty coal getting kitties. I can not have ANY glass ornaments this year. Nothing with berries either. They are just excited I know… but UGGHH!

My Christmas cactus is right on time. This week was the week. I am super excited too because I have a friend that has a red one and will be taking a cutting from that one too. Now all I need is white!! Plus, yes, this is thankfully one thing that the naughty kittens have not gotten. I am sad because there were gifted other plants that did not make it.

Lastly, I was able to enjoy lunch with these two beautiful ladies on Thursday. So grateful to have you both in my life. Thank you for your amazing hugs and beautiful smiles!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

More fun to share from our team Christmas party later this week!!

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