Hamscher Homestead

SNOW, a kitty and a kitty…

Tuesday the snow started…. the above photo is from Wednesday morning! We for OVER 24 hours of snow! You bet I was loving it!!

You know I was enjoying the snow STILL on Friday! Sat with my coffee, some tunes and a kitty on my lap! However, Penelope sure was not friendly on Thursday morning… ALL the kitties took a trip to the Hamscher Salon.

Penelope sure was MAD at me! She did not want to even look at me, left photo. She sure changed her tune later when she was ready for a snack!!

Figures, right??

Meet the outdoor kitty… no name yet! He is warming up to the people idea. We hung out last night together on the porch for over 30 minutes. At a distance of course, but still! He did not go running off! He really did just sit, and listen to me talk to him.

Fingers crossed, he keeps warming up to us.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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