Paper Pumpkin

September 2020 Paper Pumpkin first alternative.

September 2020 Paper Pumpkin

September 2020 Paper Pumpkin

You got the September 2020 Paper Pumpkin, right?? Bust open that box!! You can super easily flip to cards but the treats are SOOO cute!! Let’s talk a minute on the design. Are you a stripe lover?? Or are you a plaid lover?? You know where I sit, haha. You also know how I LOVE options!! Remember, options… make either side or both!!

But the card uses the middle section of the “cracker” treat section. And yes, if you loook super close you can see the score marks, but ARE YOU REALLY going to look that close?? I promise that the recipient is not!

How about a few other options??

Well, you are going to need to join us in the Pumpkin Whispers…a Paper Club group over on facebook for that. Or check back next week. I will share the ones that we did just this last Thursday.

October 2020 Paper Pumpkin

Get your box HERE!!

Are thinking about Christmas cards yet?? I know my Dad told me he is SOOO not ready! Joe complained today, while heading into Lowe’s, that they had Christmas trees up. But guys… Here is a great way to share with your loved ones a creation of yours. I know that I have added a couple boxes to my order. Eight cards are not enough, not even for my immediate family. YIKES, right?? Well, you can update your subscription to get more then one box so that you can “create” your Christmas cards using what Paper Pumpkin will provide. Here is what you already know..

  • It is all coordinated!
  • Envelopes are included.
  • You will most likely have a few extra pieces for a few special ideas.
  • That you will not have to run out or wait for something that you might have forgot to grab.
  • That I will come up with a fun way to “add” to it!

Join the fun!! Make some great Christmas cards and also enjoy creating something fun and personal.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    So not ready for Christmas stuff yet.
    But I know that the moment I open my box and start looking the juices will kick in and I will be wishing for more boxes myself.

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