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Sending Heartfelt Happy Thoughts For You

Chances are you have done your quick look through of you new catalog, Right??

Are you on your second or even third look?? So, did you mark your place?? And how do you mark your must haves??

This catalog is good for a WHOLE YEAR, you can not just bend pages.

Let’s grab a few of your favorite 2019-2021 In-color items and even a few of your favorite stamps.

Want to know what was used on this one…

Can we make a faster one?? Do you have paper clips?? YES!!

Using just a jumbo paper clip and my reverse tweezers as an extra hand. Trim a desired length of Purple Posy Scalloped Ribbon (149706) and loop it inside the end. Wrap the Braided Linen Trim (147808) once and then tighten. Use the reverse tweezers to hold to make it easy to tie your bow.

Do you know a reader that would love these for a small easy and heartfelt gift?? How about a friend that just started with their first catalog??

Want a manageable way to get all these In-Color items?? Check out the In-Color Club post and there is still time to get an open group.

I need to water the flowers that were planted today. I look forward to chatting with you tomorrow. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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