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Seeds Planting Sprouts and Kitties of course

Seeds Planting Sprouts and Kitties

We had several very nice days last week. Soo I took advantage of it. Starting off with finding seed heads on last years Zinnias. As you can see there sure are a bunch. However this was only the beginning!

I found LOTS! I left them for the birds. The short and mild winter had other plans. Which helped me save some money on Zinnia seeds. I spread them out on paper to dry and also to catch those that fall. this was only the beginning of the fun!

I also checked my seed stash. Found that I had several that would benefit from some cold and natural light. Grabbed my dirt and milk jugs. I planted poppies, rudbeckias, elderberries and some coneflowers. 17 containers of possibilities! However you know there is soo much more!

I forgot to plant my garlic in the fall. So I figure now is better then never! I had three bulbs which were already sprouting. There were a few cloves that were no longer good. Although 28 will get us some awesome garlic. I picked up some compost today and put a nice layer over the line. I did plant these in the small garden between the pumpkins and the asparagus. There is drip in that garden so that should work perfectly!

Snow? Seriously

No matter it did not last. Besides I have daffodil sprouts to be excited about! I found several just like the above photo! It really is sooo soooo VERY EXCITING! Over 1,000 bulbs to bloom and show off!

Lastly, it was a lazy Sunday. Ask Mr. Bigglesworth, on the left, and Junior, on the right. Soaking up all the sunshine and sleeping.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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