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Seed Planning a Plant and Kitty laziness.

Seed Planning a Plant and Kitty

Ohhh, the collection of new seed catalogs has been arriving. This week I have Seed Planning a Plant and Kitty. There are catalogs that I have gotten from before and a few new ones. I look forward to planning what I need and what new things we want to try!!

Joe and I have been talking about the garden. Well the veggie garden that is. You know that I will always plan flowers. But letting the garden rest last year I am looking forward to seeing what we can get in this spring.

Kinda along the same lines… I received this ‘variegated’ violet today. Do you see the flower buds. Yes, the leaves are supposed to be that color. I will share more in the upcoming weeks.

Lastly, of course, is Kitty Laziness. They sure did enjoy having a day of laying around. However, when do they not. Haha. Henry was sound asleep and missed when the snow stopping falling on Saturday. It sure was beautiful.

Yes, I am looking forward to more snow. More to come for sure!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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