Hamscher Homestead

Sad looking Hamscher Homestead, just sad!

Sad looking Hamscher Homestead

Sad looking Hamscher Homestead

Things are really sad looking at the Hamscher Homestead, right??? Guys it is the 14th. This is the only decorations that I have up so far. Usually things are all decked out. I know I go a little Christmas Crazy, but this is just a drastic opposite for me!!


So every year the VERY first thing that comes out is Mooch’s Christmas chair. You can see it in the background of this photo. I actually have only seen him on it once in three days. Which makes me sad actually. But maybe it is because he is waiting for all the rest of the crazy to start, haha. Although one crate has come upstairs there are about 50 more to go. I will add that there will be no village this year. It is just too late to spend two days putting that up. To just take it down in four weeks.

Fingers crossed…

That I can have a VERY productive day tomorrow and then Wednesday will be the DAY! I might add however some snow would surely help my Christmas spirit!

Sad looking Hamscher Homestead

Santa came early…

Soo, did you miss the crazy story?? You did?? well my labtop about crapped out on me. It was just clogging up. I would have to reboot and it was just FREAKING me out. Funny I was talking with Joe, last week, about the thumb drives that you can connect to your lab top. And he started doing some looking around… prior to my freak out on friday.


What you see above is my new computer. Seriously, you guys is smaller then the new Mini Cut & Emboss. Over one terabyte in space on this thing. Cost cheaper then you think. And can handle multi cameras. So, maybe… soon.

New monitor and it is set up already and I am loving it!! Just need to get used to this darn keyboard. SOOO DIFFERENT!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Coffee and Cards


  • Paula Poindexter

    Your lone tree is very pretty!
    And zowie that looks small! You’ll have it mastered in no time!
    Deep breaths are in order girl. You’re way to hard on yourself! You just went through a major revamp of the studio and your kitchen is shaping up well too!

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