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Red Theme for this week on the Homestead.

Red Theme for this week

Red Theme for this week

So more progress and the Red Theme for this week. The color is called Red Garnet. That is what the post,. rails, spindles, shutters and front door trim. I was working all day on Sunday to get the top of the posts painted.

Check out the difference. That is only one coat of the Red Garnet on the right. There is now a second coat on that and the left is now painted also. Here is the thing. A 5 gallon bucket of paint was not enough. Joe is using a new sprayer and there has been a learning curve shall we say. Anyway, there is still more to do. Not only the shutters you see here, but a second coat on four sections of railings on the bedroom side. Plus the chicken coop needs to be trimmed out and painted. I am happy with the progress this week.

Yes, we can not have green hooks on the newly painted post. I love Christmas but not for year round. Joe made a comment the other day about this fence needing a “touchup job” because it was looking a little bit pink. So one red spray paint and a boat load of tape. And ta-duh is it back to red. Why so much tape?? Well, I really wanted to keep the rustic look to the old fence. Just needed it NOT to be pink!!

Red Theme for this week

While making the bed, Clyde decided to tuck himself in for the night… I was super excited to capture this. Usually I am too slow. Apparently he was very sleepy!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Red Theme for this week

Will you be joining us for the Kit Together this Saturday?? It is only in-person and we start at 1pm central. Be sure to check out this new arrangement in the room. I am super excited about it!!

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