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Rain, flowers, rain, weeds, rain and guests…

Grab a beverage…. this one could be long…

It has been a full and crazy week as always on the homestead. Joe has been home all week, my parents came and all the rain!! First was plants, they are starting to pop up, fingers crossed all those seeds are happy too!! Even the hibiscus is blooming again!

However, White Sox just does not care so long as he has the Sunshine on his belly! Kitties are funny… I was looking for him and the curtain was still closed, early yeah kinda, but the window was open all night. He was fine, and very comfy I guess.

It is always busy when we have guests, especially my parents. We have so many places to go, dinners to have and coffee to drink. This visit we were able to have coffee on the back deck while talking. Listening to the birds and each other in the morning. After that running around, this is also how we ended our day too!

Joe and dad were gone in the morning and afternoon on Saturday. It was a trip to the Steel Mill on a vacation day for Joe to bring dad to see all the goings on, and how steel is “manufactured”. Needless to say, dad had an amazing day and talked about it all night!

This is when Mom and I got our craft on!! WoooHOOO! Check yesterday’s post.

I do hate when they leave though… Miss you guys already, but this is when I was given an opportune time too….

pull weeds on one side of the porch, of course the craft room side first, but then…..

Almost got the one side done, there is always tomorrow….

In conclusion…. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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