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Quick Visit with Mom and Homestead stuff.

Quick visit with Mom

Quick Visit with Mom

This last weekend I had a Quick Visit with Mom. That was on Saturday after Coffee and Cards. These days I do try and find any reason to take at least one photo every time I visit. For some reason she was having trouble smiling. The first photo I took she looked angry. Thankfully this one was better. I have talked before about my mom. However, you guys it really is getting more difficult to see these little struggles. The bigger ones I expect.

Dementia Sucks!!

I know you guys agree. I miss the fun mom and I used to have. Going to Garage Sales and her reworking my silk flowers. Now she is just afraid to make any kind of comments. In part because she does not way anyone mad at her. Secondly because she is not sure how to articulate some things. I know she is frustrated. And with some things she kinda gives up. It really does just make me SAD.

I love you, Mom!!

Quick Visit with Mom

I am sorry guys, how about some happy and cute things. These baby chicks sure are getting big. Joe was making fun of me yesterday. I took a few of the chicks outside for “for a walk”. Silly, probably but who cares. Here is the interesting part. Joe started up the BIG old dump truck to move it and the one I was holding


Holy cow, I almost dropped her. Thankfully that did not happen. Now if you guys have ever heard the videos of that old dump truck you know… that thing is VERY loud.

Just after St. Patrick’s Day is when the Winter decorations come down… Yes they are did. All the evergreens, snowmen, pine cones and winter angels too. I like to pull everything together and then bring up the tubs that they go in. How do you pack up your different decorations?? No this was not all of them. I did not think to take a photo until about half done. yeah well…

I love talking a walk around the year this time of year. The buds are looking very promising. New life, and greenery is coming out way. I looked for daffodil heads, did not find one, yet. I have some late bloomers. More next week.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


I will be trying my best to remind you about these retiring colors. Well, at least for the next two weeks. The retiring list comes out later this week. Then these colors will be flying out the door.


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