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Progress is slow on the Homestead this week.

Progress is slow on the Homestead

Progress is slow on the Homestead

Is it just me has everyone had a weird week?? Friday was especially rough, as you know. We are missing Mooch. Although Progress is slow on the Homestead, things are moving forward. Yes, photo was picked for this post. Why?? Well, because I want to share but not tooo much. haha. All the prep and organizing. Supplies and STUFF is here. Not I need the weather and all that to cooperate. Sound familiar?? I bet it does. You are not alone. The best laid plans, right??

Remember the pile of wood mess that I shared last week?? Well those that guessed it was about the chicken coop were correct!! WoooHOO.

Yup, off with the old, old mess and in with the new. Soo much cuter, right?? Ohh, but wait it is not done. Yes, there will be paint and I will have some window cleaning to do. However, that is usually Joe’s gig, I am in charge of the chickens. The old plywood was taken off and new has been added. There is trim to be added also. I know that Joe has been working hard to make things look nicer around here. It is amazing how a few flowers, a new mower and some elbow grease can make such a difference.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Happey week of Christmas

I miss my coffee buddy and fellow Christmas lover.

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