Craft Room,  Girls Night

Prize winner, all the smiles and laughter.

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Holly was able to join us last night.

Our world traveler was able to join us last night… We sure did have a bunch of fun!! Laughing, stamping and laughing some more. Do you see that Cute Fruit stamp set?? Korine, don’t be mad we used the zebras too… THANK YOU! Not really wanting to do anything but fun cards. Why, because it just has been too long since we have stamped together. It would just not be possible to concentrate. haha

I am going to throw myself under the bus however… I offered a prize was to whomever could find my shammy. It has been missing for DAYS it seems like. Tuesday was the last time I used it during my live but what happened to it after that… I was completely baffled! I did not take it anywhere, I did not go anywhere.

What the HECK!!

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Congratulation Paula!!

I know you will use them with all that Pineapple Punch cardstock that you love!! More confessions. I forgot to take more pictures. Betty came to Girl’s Night too. I think that is why she leaves early. She does not want me taking pictures. Darn it!!

Question: Are you ready for in person classes?? I really need to know because I want to plan ahead. So we can have fun and get crafty while being “safe”. I have been contacted by Culver-Union Library and have set up our August Class for the 11th at the normal time. Will you be attending??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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