Hamscher Homestead

Plenty of Pretty things on the Homestead to look at.

Plenty of Pretty things on the Homestead

Plenty of Pretty things on the Homestead

This seemed like a great place to start, the entrance. With Plenty of Pretty things on the Homestead the beginning is best. If you have been up my walk you know that I love to has flowers here too. The flowers will be coordinated throughout the front porch. Some pops of orange and white all throughout.

Just above the wagon and pots is this hanging basket. Here is where the purple gets tied into the soon to be blooming Dahlias further down the porch. The middle photo is just to the left of the front door. Joe and I love Coleus. All the different colored leaves. However, I did grow some from seed this year. They are still pretty small but will share next week. Did you know that a “Rex” begonia is a non flowering begonia?? I had to look it up. I have three different types now. Why?? because they too love shade. I have over wintered them for a few years too.

Lastly the third photo is the Dahlias that I planted from seed. I am sure hoping that the tubers will be big and healthy so that I can plant them again next year.

The photo on the left is the Craft room side of the house or the right. The photo on the right is the Bedroom side or the left. Funny how things look so much different. I do know that the craft room side gets a little less sun. However even my Hibiscus do better on the bedroom side. Still lots of pretties to enjoy with coffee in the morning.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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