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Planting flowers and a Cute Kitty this week

Planting issues solved?

Planting flowers and a Cute Kitty

Happy Beginning of the week. This weekend has been kinda crazy. How about you?? Between Stamp camp and trying to get the grass cut. Dang it was super high. There are still some areas that we need to get the tractor done to complete. Phew, Planting flowers and a Cute Kitty are what I will share this week. There are several more colorful spots to talk about. Including this photo. I do not remember if I shared the trouble I had with this ‘nesting box’ planter. The baskets that I had that fit were NOT deep enough. Even for one plant. After some thinking, haha. I decided to leave the basket and add a plastic pot on a slight angle to get a deeper reservoir. That way the roots will stay cooler and be able to grow bigger. Time will tell…

Happy flowers

Going with a mixed type of plants… sticking with certain colors. Red, white and blue is for sure on the agenda. However, there is yellow, green and of course purple. That is all right here in this planter and flower bed. I will be sure to share in a couple weeks to see how things are coming along.

Ohhh Henry too cute

Ohhh Henry, he is our cute kitty this week. Although he is cute every week. He is hanging out with Mr Bigglesworth on the sofa enjoying the breeze from the cool day last week. I hope that this brought a smile to your face. Who does not need a bit of that each week??

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