Happy Birthday

Perennial Essence for a Birthday.

Have you started setting goals for the upcoming year??

I have been working on a few things…

  • Sending birthday cards! To all of my friends and family. So if I do not have your birthday and address information.
  • Focusing on getting information out to my customers in a more timely fashion. (i.e. class schedules, events and even sales) Ask me about events in January… The schedule is in print.
  • Helping more folks find a hobby/craft! I KNEW that I was not crafty, BUT ohhh was I wrong! I would love to help you and Stampin’ Up! helps to make it even easier!
  • And as ALWAYS get more organized!! Phew, this is a big one even after the big clean out.

ANYWAY, back to the first on the list. Do I have you birthday information?? If not, send me a text or an email so that I can get you added to my list. As a TEAM we each want to send one every day of the week. However, I have holes in my calendar! You could help me out!

I am starting to work on my stash of Birthday Cards so that I can have a head start! I look forward to hearing from you!


Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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