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Peep Peep

Have you ever seen eggs hatch?? This will be my third time… the heat wave we had three and two weeks ago, hurt my coop. Lost one great layer, her eggs are the BIG dark brown ones. Then in the spring a hawk got another, so I think it is time to add to the group. Sorry about the glare but there is a white egg, Polish hen, and three smaller light brown eggs and those are, fingers crossed, frizzles. Wondering yet how long it will take?? 18 more days; total incubation is 21 days for chicken eggs. They were put in the incubator on Saturday morning, I will check the eggs to see if they were fertilized on Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned for updates!! I hope to get a live video when the eggs hatch, Like last time… fingers crossed! Have a Great Day getting Crafty!

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