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Part 1 2024 Annual Catalog Share info.

Part 1 2024 Annual Catalog Share

It is that time again… we have a new catalog coming and you know what that means!! New stuff and all that goes with it. Here is Part 1 2024 Annual Catalog Share information. Yes, there is a part two which includes ribbons and embellishments. However, let’s start off with all those BEAUTIFUL papers.

There are 11 new Designers Series Papers (patterned papers)…

  • Frames and Flowers (12 x 12)
  • Mediterranean Bloom (12 x 12)
  • Take to the Sky (12 x 12)
  • To Market (12 x 12)
  • Wildly Flowering (12 x 12)
  • Full of Life (6 x 6)
  • Lily Pond Lane (6 x 6)
  • Thoughtful Journey (6 x 6)
  • Country Woods (12 x 12)
  • Country Lace (12 x 12)
  • Unbounded Beauty (12 x 12)

All of these papers are beautiful. I was able to see most of them in Houston. I am offering two different options this time for the DSP’s. Option 1 – get the regular paper share as I have always done it (total $40.09). That means 12 pieces from each pack. There is one exception. The Frames and Flowers only has 6 sheets. Option 2 – get half of the regular paper share (total 20.05). The exception to this is the Frames and Flowers which would be 3 x 6 instead.

There are 5 Different Specialty Papers…

  • Thoughtful Designs (12 x 12) 5 pieces.
  • 24-26 In-Color Glimmer (12 x 12) 5 pieces.
  • Textured Metallic (12 x 12) 3 pieeces
  • Silver Foil (12 x 12) 2 pieces
  • Wood Texture (12 x 12) 2 pieces.

These you get a 1/4 of each pack (total 12.03). I know that you are going to love these. You know how I hoard my specialty papers… I have used two of these already though!! So excited for you to see!!

Questions?? Let me know, please I am happy to help. FYI, shipping is extra!

Inky Whisper Sisters

Is your list already long? Want to get your hands on the new stuff now?? Yes, you sure can… Join the Inky Whisper Sisters and get the new stuff now!!


  • Paula

    The paper shares is one of my favorite things you offer us!
    To get a sample of each and every piece of new DSP in my hot little hands and see the beauty with my own eyes!!!!! Sure does make it easier to decide what I’m going buy first!
    Count me in…will be first in line!

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