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Paper Share anyone??

Here is all the important information…. There are 13 paper packs that will be included in this paper share… Please note the original paper sizing… some are 12X12 and some 6X6. Also, note there are some packs that have more then just 12 sheets. Tea Room 12X12 with 24 sheets Broadway Bound 12X12 with 12 sheets Share What you Love 12X12 with 24 sheets Twinkle Twinkle 12X12 with 12 sheets Under the Mistletoe 12X12 with 12 sheets Nature’s Poem 12X12 with 12 sheets Petal Promenade 12X12 with 12 sheets Tranquil Textures 12X12 with 12 sheets Animal Expedition 12X12 with 12 sheets Best Route 12X12 with 12 sheets Garden Impressions 6X6 with 48 sheets Tropical Escape 6X6 with 48 sheets Wood Textures 6X6 with 48 sheets (returning) Total cost per share is $41.25. Not sure what a paper share is call me, I will take you through it. You know that pictures NEVER do this paper justice so know that as always this paper is amazing!! Always double sided and a lot of amazing colors too. Have a Great Day Getting Crafty!

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