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Pansy Patch Dies Cheat and a few extras

Pansy Patch Dies Cheat

Pansy Patch Dies Cheat

I know that several folks are having trouble, but here is a Pansy Patch Dies Cheat!! No worries, I gotcha you! Over in my VIP group, Whispers and Secrets, we walked through making these three cheat sheets. I wanted to be sure to share with you guys here too. Please feel free to ask questions and I will do my very best to help!!

Are you ready??

I have two layouts as you can see above, the top right. The top of the sheet is all the parts you need to create the pansy on the lower right of the sheet. How about a closer photo??

Pansy Patch Dies Cheat

Just the Pansy

Be creative, try different colors. I have done one in just In-Colors. I want and need to try one is purples. What color would you like to try?? Here is the thing too… You do not have to do exactly like this.. How about the little pieces like on the one below??

Pansy Patch Dies Cheat

Keep in mind again that these colors are just suggestion. I really love the layers for the leaves. Plus to have two different sized leaves is AMAZING!! There are more then just these two stems. The ones here do not have a coordinating stamp. There are a few that have stamps too.

Pansy Patch Dies Cheat

Here is the extras cheat sheet. I wanted to point out a few things. Note the top two cut images. They are stamped using only two of the four steps. The larger one has an added center. Now lets talk about the other two. I had those “leftover” pieces. What I mean is the Polished Pink (darker) centers. Those where the leftover from the cuts from the first sheet. No wasting, right?? Tell me what you see in the scalloped circle. I can not wait to hear what you see.

I hope that these cheat sheets help. Again let me know if you have other questions.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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