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Painting Snoopervisor getting closer to done.

Painting Snoopervisor getting closer

Painting Snoopervisor getting closer

I can say that tomorrow is going to be my last day painting. Not only because of the weather, but I am done!! I can no wait to show you… First off here is my Painting Snoopervisor getting closer then he should to those spindles. I was petting him here… and of course guiding him away from the wet paint. Joe and I decided that am the touch up painter. I kept finding things. I hate to admit that I found a couple spots today. And no I did NOT get the garnet paint back out. I will have it out tomorrow for the trim on the front door. Here is a peek at how things are set up…

Painting Snoopervisor getting closer

After thinking I was finished with al the spindles. I was enjoying the view. Doesn’t it look pretty? You will not that the furniture is back on the porch. More on that in a minute. I was also soaking up the sunshine. It was the perfect day out on Sunday. Especially to paint.

Here is the view front the walkway. All the stuff looks like new. Dang that wicker looks amazing. Did you know that it is real wicker. Washed with the power washer and repainted. It especially looks brighter with the garnet paint. I know the glider is not in either of these photos. It is around on the side. The perfect spot to sit and watch the crazy chickens.

Painting Snoopervisor getting closer

Apparently I wore him out.

He was passed out by the time I got all the stuff cleaned up. Isn’t this the life. Eating and sleeping wake up and start over again. Now here is my last thing…

Painting Snoopervisor getting closer

For me the last thing is the front door. This color is called Swiss Coffee. It is not white, but not cream either. The wicker, round tables, chicken coop trim/shutter and front door are all this color. See what looks like red on the window trim? That is the old red, tomorrow that will also be garnet. I was able to get two coats on the door today. That is along with loads of other things. Thanks to my helper this afternoon. No not Clyde in this photo. Can you see him?? Anyway you will see the door next week. Along with who knows what else. phew, take for a small break I think.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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