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Packing Fall Kitties Snow and a new project

Packing Fall Kitties Snow

I think this is soo funny!! Today is about Packing Fall Kitties Snow and a new project. I know that you all think I have the pumpkins and gourds covered, right?? Well it sure does not look like it while they are spread all over the house. However, when you look a this pile is there a color that I am missing?? Hummm?? From Galvanized, Purple to green and even brown.

Fall would not be done without all the leaves and floral too. It is a pretty big pile. There is garland, stems and individual pieces here. Soo, to move on to Christmas, I needed to go through, donate what I have not used in years and pack all of this stuff up. Let’s me add…

The kitties were less then helpful. Apparently watching Christmas movies is more enjoyable. How that can be I am unsure.

Maybe it was the snow. It was super pretty. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I think I am ready for Snow. I know that I am excited and most of you are not. However, I have one ally, Sherri. She was texting me even before my coffee. Hahaha.

Lastly, we are starting a new project. Not sure how far we are going to be able to go. Plus, until sanding is done my Christmas decorating is on hold. No worries though, I can get a TON done in one night. Ask Joe!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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