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Owl Kitties and colored Eggs all this week

Owl Kitties and colored Eggs

Owl Kitties and colored Eggs

Joe and I started the week with a warm day and an Owl House. We are super hopeful that our little Screech Owl find it in time to maybe have a clutch inside. Fun part is that we can see the house from the kitchen slider. Sooo excited to see what happens! All this week is about Owl Kitties and colored Eggs.

Here is Mr Gorilla Cookies. He is a sweet boy. Not afraid of people at all!! He has some ear issues that I am working on but soooo sweet!! With all the activity going on here I need to find a good loving home for this BIG boy. The first time I saw him he let me pick him up. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I look forward to getting to know him. You know I will share more soon!!

Owl Kitties and colored Eggs

Clyde has found his spot. He loves laying under the tree. I am going to feel bad next weekend when I take the trees down. Between Junior, Clyde and Cuddles they all have their own Christmas Tree.

Owl Kitties and colored Eggs

Lastly, our chickens have enjoyed the little warm up. I have been getting three to eight eggs a day. Check out all those beautiful colors. No it is not Easter, no they are not colored. My girls lay these eggs just like this each and every day. I am soo grateful.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Good luck with the owl house. Can’t wait for the updates.
    Mr. Gorilla Cookies is a sweet name for a sweet kitty.
    And the inside kitties might poutfor a few days but im sure tgey will adjust quickly.

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