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Open Windows and found Grapes just to start.

Open Windows and found Grapes

Open Windows and found Grapes

Yes, it was a slower week with Open Windows and found Grapes. But a surprise at the end. These two are too funny, they were enjoying having the windows open for a couple of days. However, I hate to say, that I did not get by with out getting hit by poison ivy. AGAIN!! I know, no matter how careful. These guys did not mind having me in the house once again.

I really hate poison ivy!!

It worked out okay though, lots of prep work for the Christmas in July Stamp-a-Stack. Thank you to Korine for that!

There are actually two grape vine plants. This is the bigger of the two. It is also the older of the two. Only by one year. I hate to admit that I thought I killed this one. That is why I actually bought the second one. They are on the south side of the property and needed to have a way for the vines to climb. Joe and I have talked about it a couple times. For this one, the posts were up and the wire had to be located.

Confused?? Yeah, me too.

Needless to say, more posts were located, welded wire located. Now where was the bailing wire. Who knows. Thanks to the Amazon truck we now have a new roll of that. Actually, with all the supplies in one place. Posts secured in the ground, Wire cut to fit. Ohhh I was so excited to see that these two grape vines can climb and climb. Yes, this last part happened today!! WoooHoo!

Open Windows and found Grapes

Before the storm that prompted the windows to close, this little tree frog was making a whole lot of racket on the side of the house. It always surprises me how small they are because of how loud they are. I do enjoy all the critters we get on the homestead. No matter how BIG or small.

Lastly, an update on the Green Herons. Joe has seen three herons. Two no doubt are the young ones. They are smaller and not as graceful as the others. I have not been able to catch a photo. Yes, I sure have been trying. More to come next week.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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