Hamscher Homestead

Not much on the Hamscher Homestead this week.

Not much on the Hamscher Homestead

Not much on the Hamscher Homestead

There really was not much on the Hamscher Homestead this week. Yes, I have poison oak AGAIN!! No clue where is came from either. Joe had a touch of it too. And trust me I know what it looks like. I really can say that I HATE it. The doctor told me no going outside this last week. Which adds to my frustration because I have a ton of things to do. One saving grace is that it was just too hot out. I have only been going out early, haha and then in the evening to water. Which has been a must. Even the chickens have been getting water twice a day.


Yes, I know it could be worse, but it really is too early for this kind of humidity. Top that off with no rain, UGGHH. I have been procrastinating planting too. Why?? All the crazy shortages I can not find a new sprinkler or hose either. Well, that does not cost the arm that has the poison oak!!

Last week Joe was working on the back forty. Cleaning things up and doing what he could before we could get the new to us lawnmower. One BIG thing was this clearing. Yes, that is a root to an oak tree. This one one of the trees downed by that whopper storm back in October. That is my foot and leg. Just to give you an idea of size.

Holy Cow, RIGHT??

Dare I say that this tree even has some green on it. How I have no idea. There is a ton of wood here. But what to do with it. Joe was thinking of maybe making our own lumber for a shed or even a “gazebo” of sorts. Time will tell.

Yes, the girls are in full production. And Mooch approves. He does like runny eggs for breakfast. What did you have for breakfast this morning?? YUMMMM

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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