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Not a Chicken Egg and more Flowers are blooming.

Not a Chicken Egg and more

Not a Chicken Egg and more

No this is Not a Chicken Egg and more that is going on. On my way out to the store the other day, I saw this out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to be sure that there was not a robin’s nest in the Oak Tree above and maybe with the wind it fell out. Nope, that was not it. This is not the first time I have seen these here either. I know someone to ask and need to ask her why. I find them a lot actually. Several a year is my estimate. No damage to the eggs. It is sure curious, isn’t it??

I almost missed this little mini daffodil the other morning. This one is so darn cute. There is only one bloom, fingers crossed more next year. Out by the Chicken coop we are in round two of the Daffodils. This one is a Butter Yellow and Yellow. They were so happy to see the sunshine on Sunday.

It made me smile to see them.

Not a Chicken Egg and more

This is one of two Cleveland Pear Trees. I see this one right out of the Kitchen window. It is just a white ball of fluff right now. The other one is in the front yard and is equally as beautiful. Let me add that this is the smaller of the two.

Not a Chicken Egg and more

Here this tulip sits waiting patiently for the warmth of the sun. It was thinking about opening but did not. I really hope that the warmer weather will come by so that I can see the beautiful show that it has planned. I have a lot of tulip blooms ready to go. And you know that they are not all in one place. Lots and lots to see for sure.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Not a Chicken Egg and more

Ohhh, one more thing… Sherri, has a beautiful Christmas Cactus. And I was able to get a couple of cuttings. Do you see that new growth?? I am so excited. New growth means happy plants. See you next week!!

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