Hamscher Homestead

New to me, LuLu, a new kitty?? and wind powered…

More room!

This new to me table is just what I was hoping to find! Can easily fit 5 people! WoooHooo! I do owe a friend of mine back in Illinois a HUGE favor, but she knows I am good for it! Now to find fabric for the four matching chairs!

I do NOT know what someone was thinking putting white fabric on kitchen chairs


I sure did enjoy the sunny day Sunday. LuLu and I relaxed by the bbq while Joe was cooking. All of the chickens enjoyed being able to run around and take sand baths. Some even went foraging by the bird feeders for seeds.

Here she is…

Hahaha, nooo, I know this resident opossum was caught eating from the cat food dish. Yes during the day and NO do not panic, I am sure there are babies in that pouch that are very VERY hungry! Off she went to find more snacks and maybe a nap!


I do have traditional red white and blue flag out ALL year, but this blue line is my way to support the brothers and sister in blue! Hugs, stay safe and know that this house supports you!

Hugs to my readers too and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

And some inspiration for me and you, if you need it!


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