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New Technique ??

Are you still in LOVE with the Share What You Love DSP (146926)…. I am!! How about a new technique?? I wanted to do a video to show how to do this, but have held this poor post for over a month.. Lets see if we can talk it out…I will do a video as a followup. Are you wondering where this “Grapefruit Grove” ribbon came from?? That is the technique! You really can make just about any white-ish ribbon any color. For this you will need: Silver Metallic-Edge ribbon (144213), Grapefruit Grove Ink pad (147142) and a sponge(141337). you take a section of ribbon and Slide it along the ink pad, holding it down with the sponge. Yes, it is that easy… a couple things to know… It will need at least an hour to dry…at least… you will need to refill your ink pad, most likely, and you will get ink on your fingers. If none of that scares you …then go get em!! Watch for the upcoming video…. Thank you for stopping by today. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! Be BRAVE!!

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