Hamscher Homestead

New Light and…..

So, I can only imagine this is not very exciting to most of you… But, I know my Dad who reads my blog will like this new addition.. This was put on the North side or chicken coop side of the house. The old light that was there was moved to the south side or propane tank side.

Above all, this light was an amazing find, it is an old enamel barn light. All the parts with only a small scratch of paint missing. Joe bent the perfect piece of metal and added new wire. Mounted in its permanent spot! Now to find a second one for the south side.

Although, Joe has been off, it really has NOT been a very productive long weekend for either of us! We only went bumming around and breakfast TODAY! The rain today put a damper on the evening.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings…. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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