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New Inky Whisper Sisters and a peek at things.

New Inky Whisper Sisters

New Inky Whisper Sisters

I want to give a huge welcome to our New Inky Whisper Sisters. Yes, Bonnie and Clyde decided to be co-demonstrators. I will say that the first item on their wish list was the Cat punch. Second only to the Notes of Cheer Kit Collection items with the butterflies. They have several cards to make, I took down the list…

  • Mooch – because he does not hiss at them.
  • Penelope – because she smells so nice
  • Mr. B because is really needs to like them.
  • Logan because he is always nice and gives good pets.
  • Cuddles because they were not big enough for Mother’s Day cards yet.
  • Lilie because they know that she misses Cuddles.
  • Grammy because she needs notes so that she does not forget them.

I know that sound like a lot. Luckily there will be two cards left to stash. They said that there were a few others too. I know they are going to need a second kit. hummm, wonder what the second kit was that they added to their starter kit?? Did you know that to become a demonstrator it is only $99. You get to pick $125 worth of products. I really should have supervised a little more what they added to their kit. Goodness knows if they added any adhesives.

New Inky Whisper Sisters

I am going to let you in on a secret. They joined because they wanted the cupcakes that I picked up Saturday.


I left the house without makeup and coffee to be sure to get the selection I wanted from the farmer’s market. That truly is love, right… for me to leave without coffee… YIKES!! No, no one was hurt on this early morning run either.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

End of week Catch-up

Yes, you still have time left!!

BOGO sale coming up

Contact me if you still have questions!!


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